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High Holiday 2021 Seating Form

  • Vaccinated Section Only - Everyone over 12 must show proof of vaccination before tickets are issued
  • Masks are optional
  • Children under 12 must silt with parents and must wear masks at all times
  • Extra seats are $100 per seat
  • Totally Social Distant Configuration
    • Vaccinated  - Masks Optional
    • Unvaccinated - Masks Mandatory
  • Extra Child and Teenagers - Tickets FREE
  • Children under 12 encouraged to wear masks but family pod may choose to have children unmasked.

   Member Adults (Included)
   Extra Adult Tickets ($100)
   Teenagers ($100)
   Children (Hebrew School) ($100)
   Toddlers ($100)
   Member Adults (Included)
   Extra Adult Tickets ($50)
   Teenagers (FREE)
   Children (Hebrew School) (FREE)
   Toddlers (FREE)

We will be personalizing all tickets for each service and person


Day 2  Rosh Hashana - Merrick
Please Invite Your Extended Family to this Service
(Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc.)


We will be following these COVID-19 rules in both locations and for all services:

o   EVERYONE, including children, must have their own seat to attend any of the services.

o   If you are vaccinated for COVID-19  masks are optional.

o   If you are not vaccinated for COVID-19  masks and social distancing are mandatory.

Information on vaccination verification and ticket distribution will be sent later this summer.





Tue, August 16 2022 19 Av 5782