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Dress Code

Praying together puts us in a different mindset. From the decoration on the walls and the ark, the Tallitot (prayer shawls), to the clothing that we wear, everything reflects a holy and regal atmosphere. When deciding how to dress for one’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah service, please remember that we are joining together as a sacred community. It is advisable to wear appropriate modest dress rather than party attire. Consider what one would wear to another house of worship or to an interview. The following are requested for synagogue dress:

  • Suits are preferred for young men, and if one is not available, slacks and collared shirts are acceptable.

  • Shoulders should be covered.

  • Skirts must reach near the knee.

  • Low cut and revealing clothing, including midriffs and sheer materials, are not fit for the service.

Together we can uphold the sanctity of the service while also expressing our own personal style.


Have you ever looked at the biblical Hebrew text in a Tanakh, Humash or Tikkun, and wondered why there are additional markings on every word, that aren't vowels? This can be very confusing, because clearly the markings are there to tell you something, but what?

CLICK HERE to learn more about cantillation.

Sat, December 3 2022 9 Kislev 5783