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Rishe Groner has over two decades of experience in Jewish education, and spent over a decade in a professional marketing career before turning to freelance Jewish education and spiritual leadership, and then rabbinical school. Her most recent role has been as Director of Education at the Beacon Hebrew Alliance in upstate New York, where she  has been living within the community while building a network of 20sand-30s young Jews for Shabbat dinners and immersive experiences, as well as interning at the synagogue and running her Masa education program for children. In addition, She is a  frequent speaker at the Women’s League Torah Fund events; a writer of a growing weekly email newsletter; and am involved in supporting ex-Orthodox neo-Hasidic spiritual communities in New York and in Jerusalem, where she lived for two years until last August.

Sat, December 3 2022 9 Kislev 5783