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               Pesach Services & Events 5781-2021

Seventh Day of  Passover and Yom Tov          Friday night, April  2             6:00 PM          Click here to Zoom       
(Continued)                                                                      Saturday, April 3                     9:45 AM          Click here to Zoom      

Yizkor & Eighth Day of Passover                        Sunday, April 4                         9:45 AM          Click here to Zoom    

Click on Each Title to Watch the Passover Videos
for Preparing and Enjoying Your Seder

Tips on Cleaning Your House for Passover by Rabbi Bernstein 
or CLICK HERE for the printable version
Tips on a Virtual Seder
Welcoming people to our seder
A Family Friendly Seder  
For a haggadah of Inclusion-Understanding all our children

Seder Plate: New Imaginations from HIAS 
Understanding the Seder Plate through the lens of Mental Health  
Passover For Kids   
Yachatz-What is still broken?  
A Woman’s Dayenu 

For Families!






Wed, April 14 2021 2 Iyyar 5781