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    Rabbinical Search FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions on the Rabbinical Search

1.  What is the role of the Search Committee and how will the Search be conducted?
The Board of Directors has charged the Rabbinic Search Committee with finding a new Rabbi who
Will lead Congregation Beth Ohr for many years to come.  The Committee will oversee the search process and ultimately recommend a candidate to the Board.  A candidate must be approved by a congregational vote before being hired.

2.  What is the Joint Commission on Rabbinic Placement?
The Joint Commission on Rabbinic Placement (JCRP) is the only advisory group and decision-making body regarding rabbinic placement in the Conservative movement. The Placement Commission sets and maintains a set of rigorous standards and ethical policies to guide this process. Its goal is to provide the best opportunity for congregations and rabbis to meet and develop a lasting relationship. The Placement Commission also offers counsel to both rabbis and synagogue search committees about integrating a new rabbi into a congregation.

3.  What is the document we submit to the JCRP?
The congregational questionnaire is, in essence, a profile of Congregation Beth Ohr  that we were required to submit to the Joint Commission. This application asked a broad range of questions regarding all aspects of our community. Many of the questions asked for very matter-of-fact details such as our demographics and facility layout, while others required a more thoughtful description of our identity, culture and values. The application also includes questions about our approach to services, attitudes toward interfaith matters, ritual traditions, and other defining characteristics. The Search Committee is working diligently to accurately reflect the many diverse elements of the Beth Ohr community. The Search Committee plans to submit this document in November 2021.

4.  We are only accepting candidates from the Joint Commission on Rabbinic Placement? Why?  
Congregation Beth Ohr’s  is a member of the  United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. This 
membership requires us to work through the Joint Commission on Rabbinic Placement to search for a 
new rabbi. We are not permitted to advertise the position through any means other than the 
questionnaire we submit to the JCRP.

5.  How can a congregant share his/her ideas with the Rabbinical Search Committee?
Congregants should feel welcome to share their thoughts at any point during this process by sending an e-mail to (Please avoid doing so on Shabbat.) The Committee encourages your direct involvement to assure that we find the candidate most reflective of, and capable to meet, the needs of our congregation.

6.  But, I know a great candidate for the position—who should he/she contact?
You may encourage the individual you know to contact the Rabbinical Assembly at Just as it is required that we only go through the JCRP to advertise our need for a new rabbi, we can only interview candidates who submit résumés with the Joint Commission. Therefore, we will not meet with any interested rabbi unless he or she is a member of the Rabbinical Assembly and expresses his or her interest in Congregation Beth Ohr  through the Placement Commission.

7.  Will members of the congregation have the opportunity to observe the candidate on the bimah 
before a decision is made?
Yes, they will. After a careful review of resumes and conclusion of our 
interviewing process, qualifying candidates will be invited to spend a weekend in Bellmore to lead 
services and teach and interact in a variety of contexts. Congregants should watch our website, and 
email for detailed information about the candidate visits.  These visits will likely take place 
from February to April 2022.
8.  What other opportunities will the congregation have to interact with the prospective rabbi? 
Throughout the designated weekends, in addition to observing the candidate on the bimah, there will 
be several opportunities for the candidate to interact, teach and lead services, and teach in our 
Hebrew School. We will be looking for help in providing a rich and immersive experience for each 
candidate. Please watch your email and keep your eye on this website for details.

9.   Will there be an opportunity to offer feedback after each prospective rabbi’s visit? 
Absolutely! The search committee will be counting on hearing from the congregation.

10. Where can I get more information about the rabbi candidates?
Once we choose to invite a candidate for a visit, the Search Committee will make their CV available for the congregant  to review.

11. How can I keep track of new developments?
Please stay engaged by visiting this web site. The most current information about the search process, the activities of the Search Committee and a listing of forthcoming steps in this process will be found here. News will also be shared via email. Additionally, you may always feel free to contact the Search Committee at and/or to connect with individual members of the Committee.

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