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March 2022

  • All outside doors are locked at all times.
  • Security cameras are operating 24/7. Recordings should be reviewed periodically.
  • Office staff will buzz people in after confirming that they are known.
  • All people who run an event with more than 40 people must arrange with the Security and Life Safety Committee Chair for security.  Security must be paid for from proceeds of the event.
  • Security guards are hired for Shabbat morning services and for Hebrew School. 
  • For Hebrew school, an employee must be with the security guard 10 minutes before the beginning of the session and remain through 10 minutes after the scheduled beginning. In addition, an employee must be present at dismissal.
  • Ushers for Shabbat services must be with the guard from 9:15 – 10:00 and at about 10:30 so the guard can walk outside to survey the building.
  • Nassau County Police must be called in advance to request a police car presence when services will be in session.
  • Shabbat ushers should obtain and wear the panic button lanyard which is found hanging on the back wall of the office.  It should be returned before the usher leaves the synagogue.  (The panic button is to be pressed in an emergency advising the alarm company to notify the police. If possible, 911 should also be called.) Panic button batteries should be changed at the beginning of the calendar year.
  • A Stop the Bleed kit is located on the bottom shelf of the Rabbi’s podium and in the Hebrew School office.
  • At the beginning of any event or service, an announcement should be made saying, “In the unlikely event of an emergency, people should exit the building at the identified exits.”
  • Should an intruder threaten the congregation, the established protocol is RUN – HIDE – FIGHT.
  • Emergency training should be given to congregants once each year.
  • If there is a life threatening situation such as an active shooter, anyone who has the RAVE app should immediately sound the alarm.


Phyllis Cohen, Bruce Nelson, Fred Cohen, or Joey Weisbord should meet the police at the door to direct officials to the emergency.


Wed, June 19 2024 13 Sivan 5784