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Sunday School

The Sunday School curriculum is designed for students in grades K-2. It introduces children to the basic elements of Jewish religion, its traditions, and its practices. A major objective of the Sunday School curriculum is to help children feel pride in their heritage and excitement about being Jewish. A second goal is to introduce them to the knowledge areas that will define their religious education as they prepare for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

There are two core knowledge areas in the religious school at grades K-2:

Hebrew Language and Prayer
Students will learn to write their Hebrew names, to identify the Hebrew letters and to read with vowels, to count in Hebrew, to master a rudimentary site vocabulary, to read simple Hebrew texts, and to recite or read basic Jewish prayers and blessings.
Jewish Identity, Customs and Values
Students will become familiar with Shabbat and holiday rituals, and they will begin their study of Torah and its teachings through stories, drama, and simple texts.

In addition, students will learn about Israel and will be involved in arts and craft activities that beautify the mitzvah and add grace to their homes and lives.

It is very important that children feel the connection between religious school and their homes. To that end, the school will provide a school/home journal for each student. This journal serves two purposes. It is an assignment book for students and it is a communications vehicle for parents and teachers. We ask that you check and sign the journal each week and that you set aside about two hours a week to go over any assignments and discuss what is being studied. You may also use the journal as a way to write to the teachers and for them to respond or write to you.


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