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“God's candle is the soul of Man” (Proverbs) and when we light the Yahrtzeit candle we ignite the soul of our loved one in our memory.
Honoring the yahrzeit of a loved one is a long-standing and wonderful Jewish tradition. The yahrzeit is the annual date in the Jewish calendar on which a close relative passed away. Traditionally, we observe these dates for parents, spouses, siblings, and children, although a yahrzeit may also be observed for any close relative or friend that one feels especially close to.
The traditional manner of observing yahrzeit involves several rituals: saying the mourners kaddish during each of the three services (Ma'ariv, Shacharit, and Mincha) on the day of yahrzeit, lighting a yahrzeit (twenty-four) candle in one's home the evening that the yahrzeit begins, making a donation to a charity in memory of the deceased, having an aliyah close to the date of a yahrzeit, and in some traditions fasting on the yahrzeit for a parent who passed away.

Congregation Beth Ohr honors its members' yahrzeits in several ways:
1) Yarhzeit Reminders: We send a yarhzeit reminder notification of their beloved one's passing. If one wishes to have someone listed for yahrzeit notification, please contact us.
2) Prayer: Let the Rabbi know you're in shul and we will say the "el malei rachamim" prayer on behalf of your loved one during the Torah service. We read Torah (generally Saturday, Monday & Thursday mornings)  Additionally, you may wish to make a donation to Congregation Beth Ohr in memory of your loved one.
3) Yarhzeit: You may purchase  a yahrzeit plaque. This bronze plaque is a permanent remembrance of your loved one at Congregation Beth Ohr . All the yahrzeit plaques are in our sanctuary and each week, the plaques corresponding to the yahrzeits for that week (Shabbat to Friday) are lit. If you wish to purchase a plaque for a loved one who has passed, please contact us.
4) Tree of Life: in our Sanctuary Lobby, we have a beautiful "tree of life" and wall of remembrance for which one can buy a leaf or space and memorialize your loved one. If you are interested in such, please contact us.
Thu, April 2 2020 8 Nisan 5780